50. Berliner Neujahrslauf am 1. Januar 2022

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Der von Paul Tergat beim 30. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON aufgestellte Weltrekord von 2:04:55 erzeugte internationales Aufsehen. Die Rennleiter der größten Marathonläufe der Welt übersandten Glückwunschschreiben, die wir an dieser Stelle veröffentlichen und für die wir uns bedanken möchten!

Allan Steinfeld, New York City Marathon

Dear Horst

Absolutely fantastic. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you and your organization. Sub 2:05 unbelievable. You, Mark, your whole family and Paul Tergat and his wife must be floating on the air. It is wonderful to see that Paul, after all his great second place times, finally won and not only with a W.R. but the first sub 2:05 time. People will run faster. but his breakthrough will stand forever. Please convey my congratulations to Paul on behalf of myself and our entire organization.

Most people don remember, but I do since I was there at the finish line, that Andres Espinosa won the New York City Marathon in 1993 in a time of 2:10:04. And now he shatters the masters record in a time faster than when he won New York.. Please pass along my congratulations to Andres.

Take care and get a well deserved rest.

Best regards

Michael Nishi, The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon


Congratulations on your new World Record. Unbelievable times, absolutely amazing. Youve raised the bar once again for all of us to try and reach.

This new record will help us continue to stir interest and awareness for our sport. This comes at a great time and well all benefit. Take care and relish the moment, you guys deserve the accolades.

Michael Nishi
General Manager The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

David Bedford, London Marathon

Congratulations. Looks like the combination of your new course and Paul finally achieving his destiny paid off. It is good for all of us that the Marathon Record keeps tumbling. As we get nearer to the magic two hours world interest will intensify. I hope you keep this record a little while but not too long!

David Bedford

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